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- professional full capacity music studio environment -

At our Studio M location, we specialize in Recording & Mixing of:​​

  • Vocals/Voice - Lead / BGs, Rap, Voice-Overs

  • Instruments - Drums / Percussion, Grand / Upright Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Guitars etc.

We can help produce and record your music and welcome clients such as:

  • Solo Artists & Musicians

  • Bands & Ensembles (up to 5-6 people)

We utilize a world-class audio equipment signal chain and sessions are hosted in a professionally operated, treated and equipped full capacity music studio environment with live rooms, stage, booths and control room. Check out our equipment list here. Our session engineer(s) will precisely capture your vocal/voice, instrument or band/ensemble performance. Our Studio M is conveniently located across from Bridgeport Skytrain station in Richmond, BC and has ample parking available.

For smaller sessions of 1-4 musicians, our studio M rate is $55/hr and includes a session engineer. Studio bookings are charged at minimum duration of 2 hours. Full bands and bigger ensembles are welcomed as well, for a slightly higher rate and include a session engineer. Please contact us for more info.


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