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~ our creative and technical expertise will help grow your musical possibilities ~

We offer the following Music Production services:

  • Producing, Mixing & Mastering - enhancing, polishing, finalizing

  • Making Beats & Arrangements - patterns, riffs, groove, sounds

  • Co-Writing & Collaboration - melody, chords, form, lyrics, ideas

We operate out of our studios in Vancouver & Richmond as well as online and we strongly believe in creating music as a collective and collaborative team effort. Therefore, we continuously seek new opportunities to write and exchange musical ideas with artists, songwriters and creative souls. 

We produce, mix/master and arrange music for artists and clients and as of 2023, we are launching an online Beat Licensing Store where you can purchase a variety of licenses from our extensive Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop beat catalog.

Our Music Production rates vary depending on the extend and type of project. Please contact us for more info.


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